imc learning management system


Boost your business with imc's enterprise learning management system

All learning scenarios and learning formats bundled in a single system

360° learning management

All learning scenarios and learning formats bundled in a single system.

Adaptable, configurable, scalable. A system that fully adapts to your processes.

Flexible extensions

Adaptable, configurable, scalable. A system that fully adapts to your processes.

Made for any infrastructure. For learning ecosystems of the next generation.

Security and integrations 

Made for any infrastructure. For learning ecosystems of the next generation.







Learning Experience


Imagine having a learning management system that

learners love using: The development of the imc

Learning Suite is based on user-centric design for

perfect learning experiences. Users decide which

learning path to take and how to access it – mobile,

online, offline, on the internet or through an app.




All Features

Learning forms

Digital training

e-Learning modules can be used in courses and catalogues.


Seminar management facilitates organisation of face-to-face training.

Blended learning

Combine learning formats and forms to create comprehensive blended learning experiences.

On-the-job training

Bring learning into the workplace with the on-the-job training module.


Leverage experience levels, points and badges to spark your learners’ ambition.

Adaptive learning

Customised learning paths for each user accelerate learner success.

Mobile learning

Enhance your learners’ learning experience with native apps for iOS and Android.

Social learning

User can exchange information in forums and give star ratings for contents.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Make social learning a part of your learner’s everyday life by integrating courses in Microsoft Teams.

Content management


Integrate learning content in conventional standards.

Media formats

Use everything from files through videos to external learning offers.


Customise catalogues for target groups to enable Netflix-like learning.

Content marketplace

Expand your library through external offers, such as LinkedIn learning.

Courses and learning paths

Combine learning objects in courses and create comprehensive learning paths.

Resource management

Organise resources from rooms through trainers to catering.

Virtual classrooms

Train your learners live and remote wherever they are.

Feedback management

Control the effectiveness of learning events and analyse surveys.

Testing & assessment

Determine your employees’ knowledge and review the success of your training courses.

Organization & User Management

Groups and organization

Map your organization with a free group model.

Role model

An open role model facilitates fine-grained rights for each role.

Client management

Independent clients facilitate customized processes and portal designs.

Tutor management

Users in the tutor group can control learning processes from the tutor centre.

Skill & competency management

Analyse competency gaps and manage your employees’ job profiles.

User merging

Merge multiple accounts for the same user without data loss.

Automatic target groups

Create rule-based groups and let the system allocate the users.

Adaptability without limits

Custom branding

Perfectly align look and feel with your corporate design.

Email management

Configure messages sent by the system in line with your organisation’s approach.


More than 40 languages enable global learning.

Client-specific system extension

The system can be extended on request without sacrificing release capabilities.

Interface development

We develop the interfaces necessary for integrating the LMS into your IT infrastructure.


Cloud & on-premise

Use the system in the cloud or your own infrastructure.


The highest security standards through ISO 27001 and 9001 certification and compliance pursuant to FDA 21 CFR Part 11.


Scale from 10 to over 1,000,000 users. The system grows with you.

Artificial intelligence

A recommendation engine ensures that relevant content is automatically displayed to the learners.

Interface & APIs

Seamless infrastructure integration through standardized interfaces and open API management.

Data protection

GDPR-compliant structure, meets the strictest data protection requirements.

Smart administration

Decentralised organization

Define segment administrators and assign specific workflows.

Expert view

Role-specific views allow focus on what really matters.

Automated reporting

Generate and subscribe to reports containing precisely the information you need.

Workflow management

Define workflows with different configurations to simplify course creation.

Compliance & certification

Automatisierte Zertifizierung

Automate complex processes to certify and recertify your employees.

IDD, Cicero, CME,..

Map time- and points-based certifications with the certification module.

Escalation management

Automated escalation workflows facilitate efficient tracking of compliance processes.

Audit trail

Mark objects relevant for audits and master regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11.


Use digital signatures to trace all certification-related actions.


Native apps for iOS & Android

Anywhere and anytime: The app synchronises with the imc Learning Suite and also works offline.

Learning apps for Windows

Office learning at the Window PC: The desktop app is available as an extension module.

Responsive portal

The web portal based on responsive design can be used on all devices.

Extended enterprise

ePayment gateway

offer courses and learning paths for a fee and automate payment processing.

External target group administration

Also train distribution channels, suppliers or partners with the learning platform.

White label clients

Generate a dedicated portal for each client- from design to the user journey.