Case Study

Greenscreen/Chromakey - Appstronic E-Learning Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia


Learning Development Workflow

Perform Gap Analysis | Work together with SME to understand the topic and close the knowledge gap. Our instructional designer will design  contents that meet your learning objective. Content Gathering | Collect raw training content from SME (Subject Matter Expert).
Perform SME Analysis | Transform your existing content to storyline. Prepare Storyboard | We design artworks. We do instructional design with propose voice-over scripts. We build comprehensive storyboards to meet the client subject matter expert (SME)'s expectation.
Record Narration | We have our professional Voice Over Talent to record the voice. Endorse Storyboard | SME verify and approve the stoyboard.
Develop SCORM | We transform storyboard into animation. Graphical animated is always an engaging learning content, especially with game or quiz. It is fun and engaging to learn. Test Run SCORM |
Amend SCORM | Gather management feedback and do the final touch-up. Review SCORM | Invite management to review our final work.
Deliver SCORM | Congratulations! Your e-learning has successfully launch.