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Appstronic, e-Leaning solution provider, specialise in developing e-Learning courseware, setting up learning management system (LMS) and e-Learning Mobile App. We provide eLearning Services to South East Asia: Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.


Learning Management System (LMS)

Organizations, especially banking and manufacturing industry, are now facing the challenges to meet the training needs to train the staffs in a standardized process and consistency in the delivery of the learning content, but in fast changing technology environment. As a result, training has to be more sophisticated, flexible, or easily accessible. Organization has looked into eLearning as an effective way to address these requirements. Organizations require the solution for the planning, management, implementation and control of the learning processes, i.e. Learning Management System (LMS)


Learning Development Workflow

Perform Gap Analysis | Work together with SME to understand the topic and close the knowledge gap. Our instructional designer will design  contents that meet your learning objective. Content Gathering | Collect raw training content from SME (Subject Matter Expert).
Perform SME Analysis | Transform your existing content to storyline. Prepare Storyboard | We design artworks. We do instructional design with propose voice-over scripts. We build comprehensive storyboards to meet the client subject matter expert (SME)'s expectation.
Record Narration | We have our professional Voice Over Talent to record the voice. Endorse Storyboard | SME verify and approve the stoyboard.
Develop SCORM | We transform storyboard into animation. Graphical animated is always an engaging learning content, especially with game or quiz. It is fun and engaging to learn. Test Run SCORM |
Amend SCORM | Gather management feedback and do the final touch-up. Review SCORM | Invite management to review our final work.
Deliver SCORM | Congratulations! Your e-learning has successfully launch.